How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

Oct 17, 2022

How Much Home Staging Cost?

To make the place look even better and suitable for the new people to move into, a home has to go through plenty of necessary changes. The process of making any changes to the environment of the house is called home staging.

Every old home goes through this process to make itself look better and suitable for the new market and consumers. As there are more choices available for the consumer than ever before. This raises a lot of quality concern amongst the seller of the house, the home staging becomes one of the essential elements of the real estate market.

More and more people are taking the home staging route, every projection and speculation shows the market to grow in higher numbers in the future. Staging a home requires a lot of attention to detail that an average person might miss. Not all the professionals who work in this line of business have similar tastes, but they broadly understand the target demographic of their market. Understanding the buyer is how a home stager becomes a professional home stager.

You can hire a normal home sager at a low cost but hiring professionals will require you to put a hefty pay in return. As they would know the essential changes that need to be made in the house and the parts that will need a complete overhaul. These are the things that most people are unaware of. Professionals will do a fantastic job of bringing modern culture without getting too involved.

A typical home stager will cost somewhere between $600 to $2000. The price of the home staging will vary to a higher number if you consider the changes that will take place in the house.

(Source: All lane & High )

As you can tell from the graph, home staging has a positive impact on the mood of buyers. Therefore home staging is seen as more than just a simple makeover of the house. The value it carries can flip the price tag of the house in the market.

Different factors also matter in deciding the home staging price. The size of the home, the scope of the project will impact the end price in various ways. If your home is in good shape with all the accessories intact, then you will save plenty of money on home staging. But if it is beyond repair, then you will be looking at the price tag over thousand dollars. Many people try to do the home staging by themselves, while others leave it to a professional to take care of the heavy lifting.

A professional will charge a handful of money, but they will know what they are doing and where to focus most of their energy. They know what the market wants and what is currently going on in the market. This is something that most people are unaware of in their busy lives.

Hiring a professional will make things much easier than deciding to do it yourself. In the market, you will see quite a listing price for home staging professionals, but it all comes down upon you to decide how you want to approach the subject of home staging.

This article will highlight all the key areas of home staging to help you know the pricing details better. The overall cost of home staging differs from one factor to another, in this article we are going to look at each step of home staging to help you garner a handful of indentation of what the cost would look like in your case.

Breaking down the Home staging cost

In the market, you will find a variety of details attached to home staging. But one thing for sure, the changes are not going to get done unless the seller puts a price in exchange for the services. There are a variety of fees, charges, service costs that the home seller must deal with in the home staging process. Here are all the costs that will come with home staging. The exact price may differ but the cost of the services will be the same for most states and cities.

Home staging Consultation cost

Here the surgical advancement to home staging will take place. The home staging consultation is more of an appointment that will help the home seller to know the hidden details of the home staging cost. This is where the professionals help the home seller to learn more about the current market and the changes that need to happen on the house for it to be ready to venture into the real estate world.

A professional home stager will also help the home seller be aware of the current market trends and give some effective tips and advice to increase the marketability of the house for the better.

A home staging professional will ask the home seller plenty of questions about budgets, goals, and capabilities. Given this information, the home stager will help create an effective plan for the home staging process. A plan that both parties will agree on without throwing it out. It is the job of a home staging consultation professional to create a road map for the entire home staging process.

The best thing you can do here is to check if the professional is qualified for the project or not. The qualifications of the home stager will help you know their value.

A professional home stager will create a strategic plan that mixes the most value and delivery of services into a single mix. They will make sure to go under the budget while not drastically making cuts to the services home sellers want to implement in their houses. Something both sides will agree on without any rejection. The initial consultation is important to help you achieve a better goal to attract home buyers.

Removing Furniture cost

One of the most cost-effective elements of home staging is decluttering. If your house is cluttered with all sorts of excess furniture, then it could use breathing.

This can be done by moving the excess stuff into some remote location rather than keeping it in the house. The cost of renting a storage unit is dependent on location and the size of your storage unit. Typically, a good-sized storage unit will cost anywhere from $100 to $200 dollars per month.

The removal of furniture needs to be balanced. If an average person takes charge of removal, then they will potentially remove most of the furniture leaving an emptiness in the rooms, which is not something you want in a staged house.

Hiring a professional will help the home to look better after the removal process. Here you will only need to remove the stuff that is considered too much.

Having a house that is full of clutter and excess furniture will give the impression that the house is small. A professional will have a keen eye on the stuff that stays and the stuff that is going to get stored someplace else.

If you are hiring movers to help you move your furniture, you should expect to pay $25-$50 dollars per hour per each worker. You should also ask your moving company if the estimate included the cost of a dolly and moving truck, as these could be added expenses.

Repairs cost

Here come the first heavy hitters on the home staging chargers. It completely depends on the owner’s decision to repair the house. Staging is not complete if some parts of the house are unfunctional or deteriorate the overall value of the place. If the problem is visible, then it should be addressed and fixed faster than minor ones. A buyer who has taken a liking to the house will check everything, that includes all the major and minor aspects of the house before giving any sort of positive light.

While some may think hiding the problem would be better, it will not raise the overall value of the place. Most people who have taken the route of home staging never go with staging the problem. Instead, they put money on repairing the problem. Problems such as rusted sink, broken counter, broken electrical switches, exposed wires, cracked tiles, wobbly handrails, marks on the wall, and many other problems that can be seen to a naked eye, even if they are paying attention or not.

The cost of repair will depend on the owner’s decision. If they want to repair every bad part of the house, then the cost can mount up to over two thousand dollars. Solutions that will quickly cover up the problem actually damage the house in the long run and could lead to more expenses. It is better to take the route of repair.

Handyman services cost

If you decide to take the entire work of home staging by yourself without any prior experience in the field, then you will soon find yourself lost. It is rather difficult for anyone to take this line of work without facing a huge array of trouble every step of the way. While it may seem easy on the surface, there are plenty of integral parts that lie in the background that need a deeper understanding of the work. If the job is done right, it will save time and money, so if you are having any trouble with your work, you can hire a handyman to do it for you.

As they will have the experience and techniques to get rid of problems in time and make the entire home staging porches island fishes it before the deadline. So, you will have a nice cozy place to sell in the market without waiting for months, work such as fixing floors, replacing counters, plasterwork, painting, hanging, and many more need an advanced eye to the problem. Hiring a professional will help you do each one of the things reliably without breaking the deadline.

Hiring a handyman will cost somewhere between $30 to $50 per hour. But you can think of an alternative way to bring the price down by providing the handyman some food and beverages to cut back on fees. Here you must be a little bit creative to bring the overall price down. Professional stagers will help to create a listing price for you to approach home staging services in a more cost-efficient way, this will allow you to make the house look comfortable for home buyers.

Paintwork cost

To make the house a new fresh place can be done by painting. In-home staging, painting is considered one of the most effective staging activities to do. The home will not only feel but also look fresh and new. To give a more modern finished look, you will have to add doors and baseboards to the mix. Make sure the color of the painting has a border appeal to it and is not based on your fixed taste. The house needs to appeal to a lot of people. Picking a color that helps the buyer interested in what you want out of the painting of a house.

Here the professional can help you for $250 to help you decide the painting services that your house needs. The labor cost and the painting cost will get handled by the painting contractor. As they have the experience and market appeal to them, they will know what is in the market and what lures people into buying a house. When you are home staging your house, make sure to add paint to the list of things. It can cost a bit too much, but it will surely add a tremendous amount of value in return.

Lighting Cost

Lighting can also raise the value of the house by a tremendous amount. Upgrading the bulbs and replacing them with more effective budgeted oriented lighting systems available in the market is a better idea to move forward to. Replacing or upgrading light bulbs can cost anywhere from $100-$150 depending on the wattage of the bulb. The higher the wattage the brighter the light will be. Typically a $100-$150 investment in light bulbs will appreciate the value of your home by around $1,000 dollars.

The lighting system will also highlight the color of the wall and the structure of the room to the people. You can think about increasing the physical number of bulbs installed in the house. Adding more lights can give the illusion of the room being bigger it may not but installing a few bulbs will create this picture of an eerie room.

Just adding two to three lights will help you see bigger differences between the before and after picture of a room. Trying to add ceiling lights will be very helpful in a room that stays dimly dark all the time. If a room doesn’t have any decent lighting system, consider installing a ceiling light in it to increase the value of the room. You can also upgrade the light to more stylized lights so it can add a modern and premium look to the house. If a room doesn’t have any eye-catching sites installed, then think about adding a chandelier on the ceiling.

How to save money on home staging?

These are the ways you can tackle home staging in a house. Some of the changes will drastically improve upon the current structure of the house. Every aspect of the house will get improved by making changes to it. Home staging will improve the value of the house and will make buyers feel at ease when they step into a strange house. The aroma, the freshness in the room will slowly change their mind into something that they can see themselves living in. This is what home stain is about and the professional home stager will help you acquire it much easier without making you spend too much money in return.

(Source: NAR Survey)

While all of this can easily raise the overall cost of home staging to a higher amount. But there are more cost-effective ways you can deal without home staging if changing the entire house is not your cup of tea. Not many people want to spend too much money on home staging, this section will cover the steps you can take to lower the cost of home staging by approaching the house strategically.

Delaying payment

While some stagers might not like the idea of getting the payment after selling the house. But this is one of the effective ways to save a lot of cash for the initial start of home staging. You will have to pitch to the professional that delaying payment in full after the home sells will be a nice approach to save a lot of money for home staging. As professionals will have plans to go through the home staging process without blowing too much money in return.

If you come across a plan that saves you plenty of money and gives the house a much-needed makeover, you will have to resort to delaying payment to a perfect home stage without spending way too much money at first. Some companies can work with that motive to any number of clients. So, rest assured on that front, if you are thinking about backing away from home staging because it charges too much money you can take this approach to solve your problem.

Limited staging

Vacant homes are hard to sell because empty homes look smaller than they are. This will give a visualization that any accessories will have a difficult time fitting in the room. Staging these rooms will be a great way to raise the overall value of the house. A complete staging of every inch of the room can be very costly. A vacant home staging can cost somewhere between $2,350 to $3,350 easily, that doesn’t even include the additional fee.

Therefore, limiting the staging to certain rooms rather than every inch of the room is the most effective way to save some money on home staging. Renovating the entire house will easily mount the cost to a higher number, so to appoint it will break your brand. But the alternative is to limit the changes to the eye-catching tool. Here you will save plenty of money while aging the house with a decent makeover.

Doing it by yourself

Hiring a professional will have its reward and charges. If you are strapped for cash, then you will need to find places to save money instead of spending it. Try to do the staging by yourself, all you will need is a guide to bring the changes to a house without sweating too much. Of course, this is going to take time and a lot of work but in the end, you will save plenty of money in return.

While the work may not look professional, it will surely get the job done if you stick to the guidelines of this line of work. Taking out the clutter problem, removing the furniture, painting the house, adding some good lights, these problems can be fixed without requiring any professional field. The knowledge and experience will be lacking but fixing these problems will not be impossible for common people to handle.

Spending little money on staging

If you are not committed to making big changes in your house. If your horse is perfect, then you can add minor changes to it by going in the route of soft staging rather than full staging. Soft staging of the house will warm up the home by adding some artwork and accessories without utilizing the furnishing aspect of it.

These are the ways you can bring the price down of a home staging for your house. You don’t necessarily have to get a professional to look after your work, as you can do the entire thing by yourself by cutting some staging and money in exchange.


From the initial consultation to the end process, every little thing is important in the realm of home staging. It is not going to be easy but pulling it off will make the house look better professional stager will help you achieve the best shape of the house easily compared to an average person. Many people take the cost-friendly approach to home staging by taking on the entire work by themselves. Reading about home staging in a guidebook helps them bring out the minor changes without going overboard with the technical stuff.

If you want to learn more about home staging, check out our us or our Blog for more free resources.


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