How to become a home stager?

Sep 26, 2022

How to become a home stager?

Trying anything new in life comes with its doubt in confidence and negativity. Rarely do people get to see the positivity in making a change? If you want to decorate a house and have a real passion for the work, then you will succeed in the business no matter how much doubt you rack up in your head. A home staging business is a perfect way to start your venture into this world without spending a huge amount of money. You will need a home staging certification from an accredited course to begin your journey into the world of a home stager. This article will show you all the steps that you need to follow to become a home stager yourself.

Drive the passion

Make sure you have the passion for this line of work. Here you will have to stick to the work for the long run. If you don’t have any passion for the work that you do, then you are going to call on quits after a month or two. Having a passion for the work will make the work better and it will appear more to the people. They will know if the work they see is done by people who have passion for the project or not. A true passion will also push you in tough times to get to the top even when you are down.

Stay away from misleading marketing strategies

The home designer doesn’t need any sort of credentials. There is no official government that regulates the home staging industry. There is this misconception floating around about home stagers needing certification or accreditation to get started in the staging industry. The truth can not be further from reality. If you want to become a home stager, you don’t need any sort of credentials. While some companies will try to train the people, there would never be any sort of certification for this line of work. Since there is no government control over this line of business, people can make up their version of credentials to scam people.

Research on home stage training

If you do consider yourself to be fresh out of the water and lacking the knowledge in this field, there are plenty of home staging courses available online and some in your neighborhood. You have to do some research on this subject around your area. Getting a good grip on the work will help you in the long as you will be less prone to making mistakes. A Beginner’s mistake is something that you don’t want to show to others. The training program will help you set your tone and work right. Make sure the person who is teaching you knows his or her stuff.

If they are part of a successful business, then you will gain a lot of knowledge in a matter of a few months.

Communication skill

Improving your communication skill will bring in a lot of benefits to the home stager. Conversing with the client and the potential buyer in a proper manner. Extracting crucial information from them without missing any leads or work. This data-gathering process can only happen if the home stager has good communication skills. Working in the real estate world requires the person to have affluent communication skills to make the deal go smoother.

Creating your portfolio

YOu will need to create a design portfolio that shows your talent. The entire business of home staging is visually related. Even if you never worked on a project ever before, you can build a portfolio that will get you to work in no time. You can throw your course work, hands-on assignments, photos, and some of the best work you have done related to this field. It is better if you mentioned the positive feedback from work on the list. Make sure to never finish the portfolio, it always should be a work in progress. Add more stuff in the future, recent work will matter a lot to clients than your previous record.

Leaving it open will help you add more valuable information about recent projects to the list. This will help you grab the attention of plenty of clients who will be looking for a home stager that is in touch with current trends in the market while having experience in the field. Another route you can take to build up your power by creating an online presence. A strong presence online will make more people draw to your services. It is better to create an online presence as quickly as possible. So, you will stand amongst the competition, and online it is the competition that drives the market.

Staying away from Scamming

If you have an eye on home staging certification, then you have to get yourself listed in a training program. They will offer you a certification or accreditation, but in the market, you will find thousands of fake certifications about home staging. Which misleads the students into believing that there is a government-backed home staging course. Certifications will be useful but unlike other professions, they won’t get you a license for the job. Most jobs related to the real estate industry will have you acquire the license of any kid to practice the work without violating any law. But here you won’t need any sort of paperwork for the job.

If a company offers license papers or certifications to help you get the licensing of work, it is better to stay out or you will end up paying a lot of money in return. Even online, you will see thousands of fake testimonials from students about Home staging licenses or certifications. Most of them are fake and designed to suck money from naive people. If you come across any of these websites, you must stay clear of them.


Getting a home staging certification by participating in an accredited course is how you build up a strong resume for your services and experience. This is the process every home stager follows at first, so if you are interested in becoming a home stager, it is better to follow the steps and create a good portfolio for the licenses to see.

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