Kid-friendly Home Staging: Attracting Family Buyers

Jun 13, 2023


Ever wondered how to make your home appeal to family buyers when staging it for sale? Home staging isn't just about making a house look beautiful and welcoming. It's also about tailoring it to a specific target audience. In this case, we're talking about families. So, buckle up as we explore how to stage your home to attract family buyers!

Understanding Kid-friendly Home Staging

What does kid-friendly home staging mean? It's a way of arranging and presenting your home that considers the needs and preferences of families with kids. The aim is to help potential buyers picture a comfortable and safe life for their children in your house. It's all about creating an environment where kids can grow and learn happily and healthily. Intrigued? Let's move on!

Why You Should Stage Your Home to Attract Family Buyers

You might wonder why it's necessary to stage your home to attract families specifically. The answer is simple - family buyers are a significant segment of the property market. By catering to them, you can expand your potential buyer pool, quicken the selling process, and possibly get a better price.

Essential Tips for Kid-friendly Home Staging

Now, let's delve into the nitty-gritty of kid-friendly home staging.

Decluttering: Creating a Kid-friendly Environment

One fundamental step in home staging is decluttering. When staging for families, this step becomes even more crucial. Kids need room to move and play, and potential buyers need to see that such spaces exist in your home. Check out these easy steps to help you declutter effectively.

Furniture Placement: Aiming for Functionality

Furniture placement plays a pivotal role in making a home kid-friendly. Ensure your furniture arrangement allows for easy and safe movement, especially in high-traffic areas like the living room. Discover more on how to place furniture while staging a living room.

The Impact of Color and Texture

Kids love vibrant colors and intriguing textures! Consider incorporating these elements into your décor. A well-placed colorful rug or a fun patterned curtain can make a big difference. For more tips on the subject, head over to our complete guide on interior design.

Creating Safe Spaces

Safety is a top priority for parents. Make sure to remove or secure any potentially hazardous items. Also, stage a few areas as 'safe spaces' for kids – places where kids can play or study without any risk.

Inviting Outdoor Spaces

An inviting backyard or patio can be a significant selling point for families. Stage these areas with kid-friendly features like a sandbox, swing, or playhouse.

Staging a Family-friendly Home Office

In the era of remote working and learning, a home office has become a must-have. Stage a home office that can double as a study area for kids. Read this guide for some great ideas!

Bathroom and Bedroom Staging: A Kid's Perspective

Consider staging a bedroom or two as children's rooms. The same goes for bathrooms - use step stools, colorful towels, or kid-friendly accessories to show that the space can cater to kids' needs. Don't miss out on our comprehensive guide to staging a bedroom.

The Role of Toys and Books in Staging

Strategically placed toys and books can enhance the kid-friendly appeal. Remember, moderation is key. Too many toys can make the space look cluttered.

What Buyers with Kids are Looking for

Buyers with kids are typically looking for safe, functional spaces where their kids can play, study, and sleep comfortably. They want to see a house that can evolve with their kids' growing needs.

The Financial Benefits of Kid-friendly Home Staging

A well-staged home not only sells faster but also often sells for a higher price. By appealing to family buyers, you're accessing a large portion of the market ready to pay for a home that suits their family needs. Wondering about the cost of home staging? Check this out!


Kid-friendly home staging is about creating a home that feels welcoming, safe, and exciting for families with kids. By considering the aspects we've discussed, you can stage your home to attract more family buyers, sell quicker, and potentially secure a better price. Now, it's time to roll up your sleeves and start staging!


  1. What is the key element in kid-friendly home staging? The key element is creating a home environment that feels safe, functional, and inviting for both parents and kids.

  2. Do I need to have kids to stage my home kid-friendly? Not at all. With the right planning and understanding of what families look for, anyone can stage their home to be kid-friendly.

  3. Does kid-friendly home staging mean filling the house with toys? No, it's about strategic placement and moderation. Overcrowding spaces with toys can make the home look cluttered.

  4. Can kid-friendly home staging help me sell my home faster? Yes, by appealing to a broad market segment (families), you're likely to sell your home faster.

  5. How much does kid-friendly home staging cost? The cost can vary depending on your existing décor and the changes you need to make. Remember, investing in home staging often pays off in the form of a quicker sale and a higher selling price.

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