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Our home staging courses offer comprehensive training and expert guidance to help you build a successful career in the home staging industry. 

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Home Staging Certification

✔ Learn how to depersonalize and declutter your home

✔ Learn important interior design concepts like flow and balance

✔ Learn color theory and color science

✔ Learn how to stage every single interior room of a home

✔ How to design the perfect layout for furniture

✔ Learn how to stage the outside of a home

✔ Learn how to stage occupied and vacant homes

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Home Staging Business Mastery

✔ Get everything within the home staging certification program

✔ Learn how to develop a business plan

✔ Learn how to brand your home staging business

✔ Learn the sale cycle of home staging

✔ Learn how to price your services

✔ Learn where and how to acquire clients

✔ 30+ documents for your staging business, including contracts, checklists, and more!

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Home Staging Coaching Program

✔ Get everything within our home staging certification program

✔ Get access to our home staging business courses and resources

✔ We help you start your home staging business

✔ Weekly Group Coaching with our team

✔ Help You Get Legally Incorporated as a LLC or Sole Proprietorship

✔ Build Your Website For You

✔ Social Media Posts to grow your instagram

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