The Secret To Making a 6 Figures Home Staging Business

Jun 09, 2023



There's no place like home, right? But when it's time to sell that home, making it appealing to potential buyers is a different ball game. This is where a home staging business shines. But what's the secret sauce to transforming this craft into a six-figure earning powerhouse? Pull up a chair, my friends, because we're about to spill the beans.


The Secret to Making 6 Figures with a Home Staging Business


Understanding the Market

It's all well and good to know how to beautify a house, but without understanding the market, you're shooting in the dark. To make serious money with your home staging business, you need to understand what buyers in your area are looking for.


Understanding Client Needs

Not every seller is the same, and neither is every home. Mastering the secret to making 6 figures with a home staging business lies in tailoring your services to meet each client's unique needs. So, how do you do that? You listen, and you research. Get to know the property and the neighborhood. Understand the seller's goals, and make them your own.


Perfecting Your Craft

Top-notch home staging doesn't happen overnight. It's a product of experience, continuous learning, and an insatiable desire to be the best. Attend workshops, earn certifications, and stay up-to-date with current home décor trends.


The Importance of Marketing in Home Staging


Effective Online Presence

Ever heard the phrase, "If it's not on the internet, it doesn't exist"? That's not far from the truth in today's digital age. An effective online presence is vital to reaching potential clients. Your website should be easy to navigate, visually appealing, and provide detailed information about your services.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be gold mines for home staging businesses. Share before-and-after photos, offer home staging tips, and engage with your audience to build trust and credibility.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is like the sleeping giant of digital marketing. It's a fantastic way to keep in touch with past clients, nurture potential clients, and even drive traffic to your website.


Building Relationships in the Home Staging Business


Collaborating with Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can be a home stager's best friend. They're the first point of contact for many home sellers and can provide you with a steady stream of clients.


Building a Network

Don't underestimate the power of networking. Attend local events, join business associations, and stay active in the community. Building relationships can lead to referrals, partnerships, and more business.


Maintaining Client Relationships

Don't forget about past clients. Make sure you keep in touch with them, because they can refer you to their friends and family, or even become repeat customers themselves.


Setting the Right Price


Understanding Your Worth

It's crucial to know your worth and charge accordingly. Underpricing your services can lead to burnout, and overpricing can drive potential clients away.


Market Research

To set competitive prices, you need to understand what other home stagers in your area are charging. Conducting market research can help you price your services effectively.


Value-Based Pricing

Consider the value you bring to each project. If you've been successful in helping homes sell quickly and for top dollar, don't be afraid to charge a premium.


Boosting Efficiency in Your Home Staging Business


Automating Processes

Technology can be your best friend when running a home staging business. Automating processes like scheduling, invoicing, and client communication can free up your time and reduce stress.


Hiring the Right Team

As your business grows, you'll need a reliable team to help you handle the workload. Hiring the right people can increase your capacity to take on more projects and earn more revenue.


Investing in Quality Equipment

Investing in quality equipment may seem costly at first, but it can save you time and money in the long run. The right tools can help you work more efficiently and deliver better results.



  1. How do I start a home staging business?

    • Start by getting certified as a home stager, create a business plan, and then start marketing your services to real estate agents and home sellers.
  2. How much can I expect to make as a home stager?

    • Earnings can vary based on location, experience, and the number of clients you have. However, with the right strategies, you can make six figures.
  3. Do I need a degree to start a home staging business?

    • While a degree can be helpful, it's not necessary. What's more important is gaining practical experience and knowledge in home staging.
  4. What skills are important for a home stager?

    • Home stagers need to have a keen eye for design, excellent communication skills, and the ability to understand the real estate market and client needs.
  5. How can I attract more clients to my home staging business?

    • Networking with real estate agents, building a strong online presence, and offering exceptional services that lead to referrals can help you attract more clients.
  6. How do I price my home staging services?

    • Pricing should be based on your expertise, the value you bring, and what other home stagers in your area are charging.


Discovering the secret to making 6 figures with a home staging business isn't rocket science. It takes a deep understanding of the market, mastery of your craft, effective marketing, building strong relationships, setting the right prices, and increasing your business efficiency. It might seem like a tall order, but with commitment and tenacity, you can transform your home staging business into a six-figure earning powerhouse. So, what are you waiting for? The time to start is now!

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