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What Is Business Mastery? 

Our Start Your Home Staging Business course can help you achieve your dreams. With our expert training and proven methodology, you'll discover how to start  and build your successful home staging business from the ground up.
From marketing strategies to design principles, we'll provide you with everything you need to succeed. You'll also learn how to stay ahead of the competition by "hacking" the industry and implementing best practices.
Join our program today and take the first step towards building a thriving career in home staging.

The Business Mastery Curriculum: 

Starting Your Home Staging Business

Delve into the fundamentals of the home staging industry and learn how to establish your own business, from crafting a unique style to navigating legalities.

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the home staging industry and its integral role in real estate sales.
  • Uncover your unique style as a home stager and learn how to differentiate your business from competitors.
  • Master the art of creating a compelling business plan that sets your home staging business up for success.
  • Navigate the legalities of setting up a business, including understanding permits, licenses, and insurance requirements.

How To Price Your Services

Discover how to build a transparent, competitive, and profitable pricing structure that appropriately reflects the value of your home staging services.

  • Understand the value proposition of your home staging services and learn how to communicate it effectively to clients.
  • Learn different pricing strategies for home staging services and how to select one that fits your business model.
  • Master techniques for creating transparent and competitive pricing structures.
  • Explore how to balance quality and profitability, ensuring your business is both competitive and sustainable.

How To Acquire Clients

Master a suite of marketing and networking techniques designed to attract clients, secure contracts, and nurture long-lasting business relationships.

  • Learn proven marketing strategies for reaching potential clients, both online and offline.
  • Understand the power of networking in the home staging industry and how to build productive relationships.
  • Master the art of client meetings and sales pitches to secure contracts.
  • Develop strategies for maintaining client relationships and encouraging repeat business.

How To Buy and Move Furniture

Gain practical insights into sourcing, handling, and arranging furniture in a way that enhances your staged spaces while ensuring the safety and longevity of your assets.

  • Discover insider tips and strategies for sourcing high-quality furniture on a budget.
  • Understand the logistics of moving and staging furniture, including safety considerations.
  • Learn how to coordinate furniture selection and placement to create an inviting, sellable space.
  • Gain insights into the storage and maintenance of your furniture assets to ensure longevity and return on investment.

Growing Your Home Staging Business

  • Explore the opportunities for growth within the home staging industry.
  • Learn how to scale your business effectively without compromising service quality.
  • Develop a robust financial management strategy that facilitates sustainable growth.
  • Understand the process of hiring and training staff, and learn how to create a high-performing team.

Also Get Access To: 

Home Staging Certification

Earn your Home Staging Certification with our comprehensive course that covers industry best practices, ethics, and standards, enhancing your credibility and giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Acquire the accredited certification that gives your business a competitive edge and assures clients of your professionalism.

Understand the home staging industry's best practices, ethics, and standards in this comprehensive certification course.

Vendor List & 30+ Documents

Our course provides essential resources, including a curated vendor list, proposal guides, and checklists, all designed to streamline your business operations and ensure a smooth, efficient project execution.

Access a detailed, curated list of trusted vendors that will become a vital resource in running your home staging business.

Learn how to create effective proposals and use checklists to ensure every detail of a project is managed seamlessly.

Pricing Calculator

Our Home Staging Pricing Calculator tool equips you with the capability to adjust and calculate service prices accurately, ensuring your business remains competitive and profitable while delivering exceptional value.

Gain proficiency in using a unique pricing calculator designed specifically for the home staging industry.

Understand how to adjust inputs to reflect different scenarios and service levels, ensuring your business remains profitable while delivering exceptional value.

Learn How To Start Your Home Staging Business

✔ Learn how to buy, move, and store furniture
✔ Learn the sale cycle of home staging

✔ Learn how to price your services

✔ Learn where and how to acquire clients

✔ 30 documents for your staging business, including contracts, checklists, and more!
Start Your Home Staging Business

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  • Get Your Home Staging Certification
  • Learn how to price your services
  • Learn where and how to acquire clients
  • 30+ documents for your staging business
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  • Learn how to price your services
  • Learn where and how to acquire clients
  • 30+ documents for your staging business
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  • Get Your Home Staging Certification
  • Learn how to price your services
  • Learn where and how to acquire clients
  • 30+ documents for your staging business
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"I took this course to learn more about the home staging industry. The course provided me with everything I needed to know to start my own business, from market research to branding. I now have a successful home staging business that has helped me combine my love of marketing and home design. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start a home staging business."

- Kim, Home Stager, Los Angeles, California

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